Robert Colton
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Step into the past...

Marcellus has received a message from his beloved uncle with grave news, his father is dying. After sailing from Alexandria to Italy, Marcellus lands in Pompeii.

    Alongside Tay, a clever young man he won in a fixed game of dice, he witnesses the funeral procession of a local politician. The following day, Marcellus sees the dead man's widow escorting an elderly slave to the very ship he is taking to Ostia.

    Marcellus finds himself charged with the servant's final duty, delivering a letter to a man named Marcus.

    Accused of a crime he did not commit; only Marcus and a mysterious woman, named Helen, can clear Marcellus's name. Fleeing from Rome in search for the pair, he and Tay return to Pompeii.

    After Helen is killed and Marcus can't be found, Marcellus and Tay become the caretakers of the dead woman's child. Needing a wet nurse, the two find themselves at a local brothel. Hiding in plain sight, they begin discovering Helen's secrets, with the help of a seductive Oracle. It becomes clear that Marcus must be found, not only to clear Marcellus's name but to explain why someone wanted Helen dead.

    Nothing is as it appears; and after the region is struck by a devastating earthquake, Marcellus and Tay find just enough answers to realize that Helen's murderer is far from their greatest threat. If they can decipher why she was killed, they just might save themselves.

    False identities; quick lies, and a significant amount of coin can only keep Marcellus out of peril for so long. It might take a sign from the gods to solve this tale of murder in ancient Rome.

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