Robert Colton

Mrs. Xavier Stayton is on the case.


Mrs. Stayton has her heart set on writing the perfect whodunit!

What could be more inspiring than a week spent in an old English manor with distant relatives?

The plot is coming together quite nicely until life imitates art.

When a murderer strikes, Mrs. Stayton must put herself in the shoes of her sleuth.

Will she recognize the clues or misread them as plot holes?

Open the book, have a cup of tea, and enjoy a bit of mystery!

First-Class travel has never been so treacherous!
A Transatlantic voyage proves deadly when Mrs. Xavier Stayton and her loyal friend, Lucy, journey aboard the famed RMS Olivia. 
Jewel thieves, stowaways and a fierce storm are the least of Mrs. X's concerns when another passenger is killed in the neighboring cabin.
One clue leads to another, until Mrs. X is convinced that she has solved the dastardly crime. 
As a mighty storm assaults the luxury liner, will our heroine's theory sink or swim? 
Mrs. Xavier Stayton and her loyal friend, Lucy, are headed to Egypt! 
On the trail of a missing photographer, what perils await the pair in the Valley of the Kings?
What's to fear, a mummy's curse, a nefarious plot, or a sinister individual manipulating the events?
Dashing archaeologists, deceitful dames and the mystique of Egypt, mustn't stand in the way of the truth. 
It would seem that the clues are as obvious as the nose on The Great Sphinx's face ... until Mrs. X is on the Case! 
Abduction goes terribly wrong and a wealthy heiress is brutally murdered. The chief suspect, her husband, goes into a life of seclusion, until a threatening message lands at his feet.
As a sinister individual lurks in the shadows, Mrs. Xavier Stayton and her loyal friend, Lucy, must reexamine the past to discover the truth of this new threat.
What can be learned from a paranoid husband, a vindictive brother, and a missing French maid? Is it all window dressing, or is there more to the story?
One secret leads to another, and the truth seems impossible to deduce ... until Mrs. X is on the case! 
When things go bump in the night, Mrs. X gets more than a fright!
An autumn getaway at a secluded inn turns into mystery and murder when a dying man's last words reveal that a ghost is behind the plot. 
Only Mrs. Xavier Stayton and her loyal friend, Lucy, can deduce the truth.
Did a specter from beyond the grave give a man with a questionable past a push down the stairs, or did a mortal pass judgement on the bloke's crimes at long last?
Journey with Mrs. X to Stoney Island as she searches for a killer, or a vengeful ghost!  
Mrs. X strikes again! At last, Mrs. Xavier Stayton has published her first book! But when the author is threatened with a plagiary suit, she realizes it is time to read between the lines.
In a room full of suspicious characters. a publisher drops dead! Motives abound, but how could the crime have been committed?
Upon meeting the greatest writer of detective novels, Mrs. Stayton is hard pressed to discern fact from fiction.
Who will write the end of this mystery, the killer or Mrs. X?